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Assigning roles to project members on Free, Starter, and Growing Business plans
Assigning roles to project members on Free, Starter, and Growing Business plans

Learn more about the different project roles on Free, Starter and Growing Business plans

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☝️ The Starter and the Growing Business plans are deprecated. To explore Zeplin's current plans, visit

When you create a project on the Free, Starter, or Growing Business plan, you can assign different roles to members of your project.


On the Free, Starter, and Growing Business plans, project members can be assigned as one of the following roles: Owner, Admin, and Member.

Roles are project-specific. It’s not possible for another user to be an Admin for your account. You can learn about the permissions and features of each role listed below:


This role is automatically assigned to the person that creates the project. They can:

  • Delete project

  • Transfer project

... and all of the below.


You can assign anyone in the project this role. They can:

  • Archive or activate project* (Starter and Growing Business plans only)

  • Remove project members

  • Assign current project members as Admins

  • Delete notes

... and all of the below.


This is the default role when all users are invited to the project. They can:

  • Upload designs* (Starter and Growing Business plans only)

  • Add users to projects as Members

  • Add or resolve notes

  • Add colors and text styles

  • View/add to the styleguide

  • View specs and code snippets

☝️ The features and permissions for a role may also depend on the project owner’s plan. For example, archiving and activating projects is only possible for projects owned by users on the Starter and Growing Business plans.

Also, on the Free plan, only the project owner themselves can export designs to the project. In other words, it’s only possible for project members to export designs to a project if it is owned by a user on a paid plan.

Assigning Roles

You can only assign roles for a user one project at a time.

To assign the Admin role to a project member, go to your project Dashboard and click the settings icon next to the Members section. Then, click the “…” icon next to the project member’s username and select “Assign Admin” from the dropdown menu.

☝️For non-Admin or Owner level users needing to change their roles, please contact your workspace Admin.

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