When you create a project on the Free, Starter or Growing Business plans, you can assign project members different roles.

To assign a project member an Admin role, from the project Dashboard under the Members section,  click on the settings icon, click on the “...” button to the right of their name and select “Assign Admin”.

If you'd like to transfer ownership of the project to someone else, you can learn more about this here: Transferring a project.


Project members can have three different roles on the Free, Starter and Growing Business plans: Owner, Admin and Member. You can find a list of each role's permissions/features below.


This role is automatically assigned to the person that creates the project. They can:

  • Transfer project
  • Delete project
  • Upload designs (on the Free plan only the project owner can upload designs)

...and all of the below.


You can assign anyone in the project this role. They can:

  • Archive or activate project (only available if project owner is on a paid plan)
  • Remove project members
  • Assign others as Admins
  • Delete notes

...and all of the below.


This is the default role when you invite a teammate to the project. They can:

  • Invite others as Members
  • Upload designs (only available if project owner is on a paid plan)
  • Add or resolve notes
  • Add colors and text styles
  • View/add to the styleguide
  • View specs and code snippets

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