Zeplin uses Figma's API to export data and images from frames and layers. If you're exporting multiple frames at once (especially large, complex ones) you might run into timeout issues such as “Reading file from Figma timed out”, “Exporting images from Figma timed out” or “The request timed out”.

We're in touch with the Figma team about these issues and they're already working on performance improvements! 💪

Until then, here are some suggestions:

  • Export fewer frames at a time
  • Export nested frames separately
  • Reduce the number of exportable layers, especially large or complex ones

If none of these solve the issue, try copying the frame to a new Figma file and try exporting it from there.

Hope these help! If not, contact the Figma team or us with a sample file and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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