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Business Continuity plan for COVID-19
Business Continuity plan for COVID-19

Learn more about Zeplin's COVID-19 Safety and Business Continuity plans

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In light of the current challenging situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak in many parts of the world, we would like to give you an update of how Zeplin is responding.

Fully operational
All Zeplin's systems are fully operational—there should be no disruption to anyone using Zeplin.

Our people
The Zeplin crew is all currently working from home. Being used to supporting you around the world, we already had virtual capabilities built into the way we work. The whole team has access to everything they need to do their jobs from their remote locations. We have stopped in-person meetings for the time being and using videoconferencing instead.

Our systems
Zeplin systems are all hosted in the cloud, and all our applications are available online. If we need to fix any issues, this can still be done remotely. We are keeping an eye on any impacts any of our suppliers may have, but we don't expect any delays or

We designed our Business Continuity plan to make sure Zeplin will continue to be available for the foreseeable future. We will continue to provide support the same way we always have, and continue to develop and release new features to help you build beautiful products.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Stay safe!

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