You can change or cancel your plan from your profile on the Web app at anytime.

When you upgrade, it goes into effect immediately and you will be billed a prorated amount for the new plan. Prorating means we calculate the amount of time you have left in your current billing cycle and use the money you paid in your initial plan towards your new plan. This way, your billing cycle does not change and we credit the amount you had originally paid.

This also works the same way on downgrades, the prorated amount of the remaining time will be added to your account as a credit and will be used for the next payment. 

☝️ When you cancel your plan, your account will downgrade to the Free plan at the end of your billing cycle.

Changing the plan period

Zeplin offers a special pricing for annual plans. If you're on the monthly plan, you can click the “Change Plan” button on your Web app profile, under the Billing tab and choose the plan you want to switch to under the “Annual” tab.

When you change to a plan that has a different billing cycle (e.g. from the monthly Growing Business to annual Growing Business plan), your billing cycle will be updated to the date you made the change.

☝️If you switch from one monthly plan to another monthly plan (e.g. from the monthly Starter to monthly Growing Business), your billing cycle date doesn't change, but you'll be billed a prorated amount for the remaining time in your current billing cycle. 

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