Screen Variants limits by plan

Learn more about Screen Variants limits on each plan

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Screen Variants allow you to combine variations of the same screen, reducing clutter and enabling developers to quickly toggle between them.

The number of screen variant groups you can create only applies to individual projects and varies depending on your plan:

  • Free: 2 screen variant groups

  • Team: Unlimited screen variant groups

  • Organization: Unlimited screen variant groups

  • Enterprise: Unlimited screen variant groups

☝️ Those on the deprecated Starter and Growing Business plans have access to 2 screen variant groups per project. In other words, if you are on the Starter or Growing Business plan, you can create a variety of screen variants if you have multiple projects, but each project can only have up to 2 screen variants.

To better organize your screens as your projects are evolving, upgrade your plan to create as many variants as you need:

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