Adding a project to Slack

Learn how to add a project to Slack to get real time updates

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☝️ If this is your first time using Zeplin with Slack, you may need to contact a Slack team admin to add integrations to channels. Once the Zeplin integration is added to your workspace, you can continue the steps below to add projects.

You can add a Zeplin project to your Slack channel by selecting “Add to Slack” from the Integrations menu, located on the right panel of your project dashboard.

A window will pop up asking you to sign into your Slack workspace. Enter in your workspace’s Slack URL then click “Continue”.

Next, select the channel where you would like to receive notifications from Zeplin and click “Allow”.

You have now successfully connected to Slack! Once your project is linked to Slack, notifications related to the project will appear for everyone in that Slack channel.

Adding multiple projects

You can add another project to the same Slack channel by simply clicking the 'Add to Slack' button again from the Integrations menu. For now, it’s only possible to add one project at a time.

☝️ You can check out Zeplin Privacy Policy here

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