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Quick Start

See how Zeplin can help you to build beautiful products—from design to development, for the entire team, including non-designers

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Account & Profile

Managing your account & profile

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Pricing & Plans

Zeplin’s subscription plans and how the pricing works

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Workspace & Subscription Management

Managing your workspace & subscription

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Figma Integration

Learn more about Figma integration—exporting frames, components, colors, and text styles

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Sketch Integration

Learn more about Sketch integration—exporting artboards, components, colors, and text styles

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Adobe XD Integration

Learn more about Adobe XD integration—exporting artboards, components, colors, and text styles

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Photoshop Integration

Learn more about Photoshop integration

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Projects & Screens

Managing your projects & screens

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Collaborate in Zeplin with the entire team—share designs, use Comments & Annotations, Stage Mode, and so on

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Developing with Zeplin

Developing iOS, Web, and Android projects using Zeplin—inspect designs by accessing assets, code snippets, design tokens, and layout specs

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Global Styleguides

Create and organize your design system—colors, text styles, spacing tokens and components

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Components in Zeplin

Learn more about components in Zeplin—how to inspect and highlight components, use component variants, connected components, and Storybook Integration

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Use Flows to describe complete user journeys and design intent

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Apps & Workflow Integrations

Applications and workflow integrations that you can connect with Zeplin

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Tips & Tricks

Discover ways to get the most out of Zeplin

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Frequently asked questions from the community

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Enterprise Plan

Learn more about setting up SSO and domain capture

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Accessing Zeplin

Troubleshooting access issues in Zeplin

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Privacy & Security

Learn more about privacy and security in Zeplin—compliance, how we protect your data, and so on

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Release Notes

Find the latest releases and updates in Zeplin

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