Once you invite a user to your project, they can upload designs, toggle between versions, add notes, view specs, code snippets, and download assets. 

Inviting a user

You can invite users to a project from the “Dashboard” tab, from the right panel. Click on the “Share” button, enter the email address or username associated with their Zeplin account and click on the “+” button:

Web links open the project or screen on the web app. App URIs open up the desktop app if it’s installed.

☝️ Only users invited to the project will have access to the project and its content.

Notes 🐵

Adding Notes

You can add a note by using Cmd + Click (Ctrl for Windows and Linux users) anywhere on the screen. You can even mention other teammates with “@” and they will receive a notification.

Adding Images to Notes

Whether you want to jot down some inspiration for yourself or pass on notes to a product manager or engineer, you can now attach images to notes to share screenshots, GIFs for animations, or any other visuals you’d like.

Viewing Notes

To view all of the open, resolved, or mentioned notes on a screen, click on the "Notes" tab (💬) on the right panel.

☝️ You can hide all notes on your screen by clicking the “Notes 🐵” button at the bottom right. To make them visible, click the “Notes 🙈” button again.

Grouping notes by color

You can organize your notes using colors. The way to use them is totally up to you and your team’s creativity, but here are a few examples to guide you:

  • Assign colors to show what the note is for. e.g. Green for features, yellow for improvements, red for bugs and so on.

  • Assign colors based on their status. e.g. Turquoise for To-Do, orange for Doing, green for Done and so on.

Filtering notes by status and colors

You can filter notes by using the dropdown menu at the right bottom of your screen:

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