Connecting Zeplin to Slack helps you and your team stay up to date with notifications about updates and messages in your projects and styleguides. When the Slack integration is enabled for a project or styleguide, Zeplin will automatically send notifications to your Slack channel.

To enable the Slack integration, open up a project or styleguide and select “Add to Slack” from the Integrations menu on the right panel.

A window for Slack’s integration page will pop up. Just pick your team and select the channel. That's it!

Next, select the channel where you would like to receive notifications from Zeplin and click “Allow”.

Your project is now connected to Slack! In the right details panel, you can see which Slack channels are connected to your project in the Integrations section.

☝️ By default, Zeplin will send notifications all updates related to your project’s screens, colors, text styles, notes, replies, members and status (active/archived). You can change which notifications get pushed to Slack by following the details here.

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