Installing Zeplin for Microsoft Teams

Learn how to install the Zeplin app for Microsoft Teams

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Zeplin for Microsoft Teams app brings all the important updates to Microsoft Teams to keep your teammates up-to-date with the changes happening in Zeplin. Connecting a project or styleguide to a channel will let everyone:

  • Get notified of design changes

  • Follow conversations

  • Track changes for components, colors, text styles and spacing tokens

Installing the app

☝️ Microsoft Teams owners have the ability to restrict third-party apps. If you're not able to find and add Zeplin, contact your Microsoft Teams owner.

In order to install the app:

  • Go to the Apps tab in Microsoft Teams

  • Search for “Zeplin”

  • Click to open the app details

  • Click “Add to a team” to install

Once Zeplin for Microsoft Teams is installed, your teammates can connect their Zeplin projects or styleguides to channels on Microsoft Teams.

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