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You can assign different roles to the members in your workspace to define what resources they can access. To do this, navigate to the Workspace Members page by clicking on the profile image on the right top of the app and selecting your workspace:

From the Workspace Members page, you can make members:

  • Admins who can manage your members, billing settings

  • Editors who can create content, export designs, and edit them

  • Developers who can access technical specs and assets of designs

  • and Reviewers who can make comments on the designs

We recommend assigning the “All project access” to a director, lead, or member with an Admin role in the workspace, so that they can help assign roles, update access levels, and add new members.

Besides assigning roles, you can also manage the access levels of your members in your workspace. Learn more here.


Workspace members can have four different roles: Admin, Editor, Developer, and Reviewer.

👑 Admin

The Owner is also considered an Admin.

  • Manage workspace settings*

  • Add seats to your workspace

  • Remove seats from your workspace

  • Invite and remove workspace members

  • Tag workspace members

  • Edit workspace billing information

  • Edit workspace name and logo

  • Delete all annotations

  • Delete all comments

  • Delete workspace

  • Delete any approval request

… and all of the below.

🎩 Editor

This role is called Editor/Developer on the Team plan.

  • Create, edit, and delete projects and styleguides

  • Upload and delete designs

  • Create and modify flows

  • Change the name and density of projects and styleguides

  • Manage project and styleguide integrations: Jira, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello

  • Create, edit, delete, and tag screens

  • Create, edit, and delete colors

  • Create, edit, and delete text styles

… and all of the below.

👓 Developer

This role is available on the Organization and Enterprise plans.

  • Access all workspace projects, styleguides

  • Access Flows

  • Access technical specs

  • Download assets, code snippets

  • Edit and remove their own annotations

  • Add comments

  • Edit and remove their own comments

  • Invite members to the workspace*

  • Request an approval

  • Delete their approval request

🧐 Reviewer

This role is free of charge.

  • Access all workspace projects, styleguides

  • Access flows

  • Add comments

  • Edit and remove their own comments

  • See annotations

  • Access screen version history

  • Access component version history

  • Review an approval

  • Invite members to the projects as a restricted Reviewer

Reviewers are not able to access technical specs, download assets, code snippets, or upload designs. We recommend assigning this role to project managers, clients, and other stakeholders that only need to view and provide feedback.

* Owner or Admins can manage who can add a member with a paid role or change a member's role from free to paid. Learn more about Workspace settings here.

☝️ While assigning roles, if you don't have any seats available and you select Admin, Editor, Editor/Developer, or Developer as the role, Zeplin will give anyone with an Admin or Owner role a 7-day grace period to confirm these additional seats added. Members who are not reviewed within 7 days will be confirmed automatically, and new seats will be added to the subscription.

New members

You can assign roles while inviting new members to your workspace from the Workspace Members page.

Existing members

To change a role of an existing member, click on their role dropdown.

☝️ To be able to change a user's role to Admin, first, you'll need to change their access level to "All projects".

To assign a specific role to multiple members at once, you can select them by dragging and clicking over a group of users and using the “Assign role” button.

Another way to select multiple members is to press and hold the Command key for Mac, and Ctrl for Windows, then click on the users.

You can also use the search bar to help filter members by domains, emails, names, and usernames.

☝️For non-Admin or Owner level users needing to change their roles, please contact your workspace Admin.

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