Managing members in the grace period

Learn more about the grace period and how to review new seats

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Workspace members with an Owner or Admin role can now review any paid seats and role changes made for the workspace within the grace period.

What’s the grace period?

With the new Workspace settings, you can manage who can add a member with a paid role or change a member's role from free to paid in your workspace.

If you don’t have any seats available for these members with new paid roles, you’ll have a 7-day grace period to confirm these additional seats added. You can confirm or revert the changes where your subscription won’t be affected. Members who are not reviewed within their grace period will be confirmed automatically.

☝️ Zeplin will send an email to the Owner and Admins of the workspace when there are new seats in the grace period.

Reviewing new seats

Once a new paid seat has been added, you’ll see a “Review new seats” button on the Workspace Members page.

☝️ To go to the Workspace Members page, click on your profile image on the right top of the app and select your workspace.

In the “Review new seats” window, you’ll see:

  • Your subscription details

  • The details of the new seats

  • Who made the update

  • The role and the access level of new seats

  • How many days left in the grace period

  • The prorated amount per seat you’ll be billed when you confirm

☝️ If you're paying by invoice, you can contact your account manager or reach out to if you want to add seats to your workspace.

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