Zeplin works on a per-seat model, which means your subscription is based on the number of seats that you use. For example, if you purchase a subscription for 12 seats, you can add up to 12 members without additional charge.

A seat is required to publish designs, access technical specs, and download assets. Viewing a project and reading/adding notes does not require a seat.

Any member with an Owner or Admin role can add seats to your subscription by clicking on the settings button on the Workspace Members page and visiting the Billing tab. There, you can add seats to your plan by clicking “Add seats”.

If you’re on the annual billing cycle, you’ll be billed a prorated amount at the end of the month. If you’re on the monthly billing cycle, you’ll see the prorated amount in your next invoice.

Once you add more seats to your workspace, you can allocate them right away.

☝️ If you invite more members to your workspace than the number of seats available in your subscription, additional seats will be added to your plan automatically (unless you invite with the Reviewers role).

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