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Getting started with Flows
Getting started with Flows

Learn more about Flows in Zeplin

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Flows in Zeplin provide a bird’s eye view of your project, enabling designers and product managers to map and document all possible paths and behaviors. Designers, developers, and PMs can share a common language when describing user journeys and design intent, resulting in increased alignment and higher productivity across teams.

Flows are located within projects. Once you're in the project where a flow would be valuable for your team, you'll notice the Flow tab on top.

When you switch to the Flow tab, it might be empty if there’s no screen added to the flow yet. Not all screens are added to the flow by default—Zeplin leaves this up to you! You can follow the steps in this article to learn more about adding screens to a flow: Adding screens to a flow

If you would like to learn more about using Flows in Zeplin or any other topics related to Zeplin, reach out to our Customer Success crew at to schedule a 30-minute call.

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