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Creating groups within a flow
Creating groups within a flow

Learn how to create a group within a flow

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Groups are containers that can hold screens and labels within a flow. Groups make your screens and flows easier to digest and reference. For instance, you can create a group for the screens that are related to signup and login.

To create a group, you can select all the screens and labels you’d like to include. Then, you can navigate to the “Groups” panel on the top left of the flow, click the “Create group” button and name the group. You can also change the color of a group by clicking on its color from the “Groups” panel.

Add more screens/labels to a group

If you’d like to add another screen or label to an existing group, you can hover over the screen/label and click the menu that will appear on the bottom right. Then, by clicking on the “Add to Group” option, you can choose which group to add the screen/label.

💁‍♀️ You can also select multiple screens/labels and right-click to add them into a group at once.

Remove screens/labels from a group

To remove a screen from a group, you can click the menu on the bottom right and select “Remove from Group”.

💁‍♀️ You can also select multiple screens/labels within a group and right-click to remove them from the group at once.

Sharing group links

You can easily share the group links with other members in the project. To copy the link, hover over a group in the flow canvas and click on the link button. You can also copy the links from the Groups menu on the left by hovering over the group name.

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