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Adding screens to a flow
Adding screens to a flow

Learn how to add screens to a flow

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You can choose which screens to build your flows from within a project. By default, screens are not added to the flow — Zeplin leaves this up to you.

There are two ways to add screens to the flow:

Adding a section of screens

You can add all screens in a section to the flow by clicking on the button at the top-right of the section on the project dashboard.

Once you add a section of screens to the flow, the flow button is highlighted in blue to indicate that this section is represented in the flow.

Adding individual screens

You can also add screens to the flow individually—right-click on a screen and select "Add to Flow" in the context menu.

You can select multiple screens and right-click to add them at once.

☝️ If you're on the Team, Organization, or Enterprise plans, only Editor or higher roles can create and modify flows.

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