If you are subscribed to the Team, Organization, or Enterprise plans, you can manage your workspace members’ access level, set restrictions for certain members on which projects and styleguides they can access.

You can see your members’ access levels and update them from your Workspace Members page.

All projects access

All project access means that your workspace member can access all projects and styleguides in the workspace. They can freely browse and join any projects and styleguides. This also means that you can simply share a link to a project or styleguide, without inviting them manually.

Invited only (restricted) access

Restricted access is a setting that you can apply to members that can only view select projects and styleguides. In other words, members with restricted access will need to be invited to the projects and styleguides in order to work on it. This setting may be ideal for 3rd party developers or designers.

After adding restricted members to the workspace, make sure to invite them to the projects and styleguides that they need to access separately Projects and Styleguide.

☝️ Restricted members also count towards your total number of seats.

New members

If you are adding new members from the Workspace Members page, you can select “Restricted access” while inviting them.

Existing members

To update the access level of an existing member of your workspace, open the second dropdown menu next to role settings and make a selection.

You can also select multiple members and update their access levels from the “Update access” button. To select multiple members, press and hold the Command key for Mac (Crtl for Windows), then click on the users.

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