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Learn how to share your project with a user

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You can invite users to collaborate on a project with you. All you need are their emails or usernames tied to their Zeplin accounts.

When you add a user to a project, they will receive an invitation link via email inviting them to access the project. On Zeplin, the project will also automatically appear in their workspace.

☝️ You can resend an email containing a project invitation link to a specific user by removing them and then re-adding them to the project.

There are two places where you can invite users to a project: the project dashboard and the Projects page of your workspace.

Adding a user from the project dashboard

To invite a user to a project from the project dashboard, open your project and click the "Invite" button under the Members section on the right panel. Enter the email or username associated with the user's Zeplin account, then click the "+" button.

☝️ On the Mac app, you can use the ”Share” button on the right panel of your project to invite new users.

Adding a user from the "Projects" page of your workspace

To invite users from the Projects page, click on the settings icon revealed when you hover over the project thumbnail and select "Invite…":

Adding a user who does not have a Zeplin account

Anyone invited to a project must have a Zeplin account in order to access the project. In other words, it's not possible for someone to view a project without having an account on Zeplin.

If you're looking to invite someone who does not have a Zeplin account to a project, you will need to add them to the project using their email, as you would for an existing user.

Once you add their email address, Zeplin will email them a project invitation link. The invitation link will redirect them to create a free account first before accessing the project.

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