You can invite users to collaborate on a project with you. All you need are their emails or usernames tied to their Zeplin accounts.

When you add a user to a project, they will receive an invitation link via email inviting them to access the project. On Zeplin, the project will also automatically appear in their workspace.

☝️ You can resend an email containing a project invitation link to a specific user by removing them then re-adding them to the project.

There are two places where you can invite users to a project: the project dashboard and your project workspace.

Adding a user from the project dashboard

You can invite a user to a project from the project dashboard. Open your project and click “Share” in the right panel. Enter in the email or username associated with the user’s Zeplin account then click the “+” button.

Adding a user from your project workspace

You can invite users from the Projects list, by hovering over the project thumbnail. There, click on the settings icon and select “Invite…”:

Adding a user who does not have a Zeplin account

Anyone invited to a project must have a Zeplin account in order to access the project. In other words, it’s not possible for someone to view a project without having an account on Zeplin.

If you’re looking to invite someone who does not have a Zeplin account to a project, you will need to add them to the project using their email, as you would for an existing user.

Once you add their email address, Zeplin will email them a project invitation link. The invitation link will redirect them to creating a free account first before accessing the project.

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