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Zeplin helps teams deliver on the promise of design. It provides a structured and organized workspace to publish finalized designs, so the team has clarity on exactly what to build. Collaborating on designs is entirely different in Zeplin, which is accessible & friendly to users without design backgrounds. Scale your design system into the developer world and connect components to code, all with Zeplin.

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With Zeplin, you can bring clarity to your design intention. Designers can keep their work in the design tools, and publish their finalized designs into Zeplin for development. Then, Zeplin automates the entire handoff process. It currently supports Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, and Photoshop.

When designers export designs into Zeplin, Zeplin will automatically generate all the resources that developers need, like assets, specs, and code snippets, tailored to the platform's needs. Developers can access all these technical resources from the right panel while inspecting designs.

Using Annotations, designers can also document their design intent and product requirements, and even share API endpoints.

Flows in Zeplin helps designers and product managers document all possible paths and behaviors to define user journeys.

If you’re a designer or developer, you can learn how to start using Zeplin from the following articles:


Zeplin provides an accessible and inclusive workspace for all team members from varying disciplines such as developers, product managers, copywriters, and more. They can collaborate easily and efficiently on designs to ship beautiful products together thanks to this organized and structured workspace. Everyone in the team can access up-to-date design resources and get notified of changes by the Notifications feature.

All members can add their feedback to designs and ask questions to other teammates by using Comments in Zeplin.

You can learn more about how to collaborate with your team here:


Styleguides enable you to create your design system in Zeplin and organize your reusable design elements like components, colors, and text styles. Designers can link styleguides to multiple projects so that developers can reference your design system across all projects.

Learn more about the Styleguides in Zeplin from this link:

Developers can also extend your design system to code by using Connected Components. They can establish a connection between components in Zeplin to components in their codebase.

Open Platform

You can connect your everyday tools like Jira, Trello, Slack, and VS Code through official integrations with Zeplin.

You can see current integrations listed here:

With Zeplin’s API and Webhooks, you can also create custom workflows to support your specific needs. Learn more here.

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