You can manage your desktop and email notifications by visiting the Notification Settings, located in the avatar:

💁‍♀️ You can manage the desktop notifications only from the Web app.

Enabling your notifications

To enable/disable desktop or email notifications, use the “Send me desktop notifications” and “Send me email notifications” toggles.

Email notifications

By default, you will receive an email when:

  • New screens added to projects.

  • Version added to a screen.

  • Someone replied to a comment you created.

  • You are mentioned in a comment.

  • You are invited to a project/styleguide.

  • Your role in a project/styleguide is updated.

  • You are invited to a workspace.

  • Your role in a workspace is updated.

  • Your teammate accepted your invitation to join Zeplin.

If you want to get email notifications only from the projects you want, you can select/unselect them from the project list under Follow projects.

☝️ When you join a project, you'll automatically start following it and get email notifications if email notifications are enabled. You can also follow/unfollow the project from the settings button next to the project name on the project dashboard.

You can also specify from which actions you want to receive an email notification from the Email Preferences, for the following types:

  • Screens added

  • Screens updated

  • Comment replies

  • Comment mentions

Desktop notifications

You will receive a desktop notification when:

  • A screen is added/deleted from a project.

  • A new version of a screen is added to a project.

  • A comment, text style, or color is added/removed from a project.

  • A teammate joins a project.

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