You can have a lot of screens in a project in Zeplin, and it can be a bit hard to keep track of these screens. In these circumstances, Sections let you organize your project and group the screens based on features in your project in a visual way.

To create a section, hover your cursor between screens, and you’ll now notice a divider there, ➗. When you click the divider, screens located after the divider will fall into a new section, where you'll also be able to name the section.

You can also select multiple screens and right-click to create a section from your selection.

You can drag screens to move them between different sections. You can also drag sections and reorder them as you please.

You can click on the arrow button to the right of the section and collapse the section to prioritize your work visually.

If you click on the “…” button to the right, you can:

  • Add a description about the section / Edit the description

  • Rename the section

  • Move the section up or down within the project

  • Copy Section Web Link

  • Copy Section App URI

  • Move the section to another project

  • Delete the section

☝️ Deleting a section only deletes the section itself, not the screens within the section—the screens are moved to the section above. If there is no section above, the screens remain ungrouped.

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