You can now add some Markdown-formatted text to your Comments and Section descriptions in projects; making it easier to stylize and organize information.

Listed below are the supported Markdown syntax formats for comments and project section descriptions:


You can wrap your text with ** to make it bold.

Let's make this text **bold**


Use _ around your text to italicize it.

Who else is hungry for some _pizza?_


Add a code block by wrapping the text with ` .

`Alfredo's Pizza Cafe` or `Pizza by Alfredo`?

Placing 3 back-ticks ``` before and after the text will produce a multi-line code block.

```function eatPizza() {
if (pineapple) {
else {


> character at the beginning of one or more lines will produce a blockquote

Kevin's thoughts on Pizza by Alfredo:
>Oh no, it's bad. It's real bad. It's like eating a hot circle of garbage.

Unordered list

Add a - character to one or more lines to produce a bullet list

- Pepperoni
- Sausage
- Olives
- Onions

Ordered List

Lines starting with 1., 2. and so on will produce an ordered numbered list

1. Anchovy
2. Mushroom
3. Artichoke


Text surrounded with square brackets [] followed by a URL surrounded by parentheses () will produce a link.

Let's just go to [Garaje](!

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