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Organizing projects with sections
Organizing projects with sections

Learn how to create and manage sections for projects

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☝️ Sections for projects are available to those on the Team, Organization, or Enterprise plans. Only members in the workspace with an Editor role or higher can create, edit, and manage sections.

Sections for projects let you group related projects and consolidate all your project-related resources under one roof.

Create an empty section

To create an empty section, click on ‘Create Section’ from the ‘Create Project’ dropdown.

Creating a section from a project

You can right-click on a project and create a section from it. You can even highlight multiple projects and right-click to make a section out of these projects.

Managing projects in a Section

Projects in a section can be shown in the order that you want. To change the order, simply drag and drop the projects into place.

Archived projects stay in the section they were in. To view them, make sure to enable the ‘Show archived projects’ option in the sort dropdown.

Reorder sections in your workspace

You can also re-order the way the sections appear in the team workspace; simply drag and drop them in the order you’d like to see them. Re-ordering sections is a global action, and others in the workspace will see this change as well.

Deleting a section

To delete a section, click on the "Details" button on the top right of the section. This will permanently delete the section-related resources, such as links and descriptions.

Projects will stay in the workspace and be available in the ‘Individual Projects’ area at the bottom of the workspace.

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