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Add a description, styleguide, and links to sections
Add a description, styleguide, and links to sections

Learn how to organize and add context your projects

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Document your projects by adding descriptions, linked styleguides, and links to sections.

☝️ Only members in the workspace with an Editor role or higher can create, edit and manage sections.

You can add up to 8 links to a section by clicking on ‘Add link’ at the top of the section. Zeplin will automatically show the logo for some linked resources.

You can edit or delete an existing link by right-clicking on the link and select ‘Edit’.

Add context to your projects with a detailed description

Tell the story of your projects in the description—you can even use Markdown to format your content and add more details.

View linked styleguides

When you link a styleguide to a project in your section, Zeplin will automatically show them in the section header for quick access.

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