You can link a project to a styleguide and inherit its colors, text styles and components.

When your project is linked to a styleguide, it will reference all of its colors, text styles and components . If the linked styleguide itself has a parent styleguides. You can access a project’s local and linked styleguide in the “Styleguide” tab.

Role requirements for linking styleguides

For personal plans, like the Free, Starter, and Growing Business, styleguides can only be linked to projects with the same owner.

If your team is on the Organization plan, only the members with the Editor, Admin, and Owner role can link a project to a styleguide.

Linking a styleguide from within a project

You can link a styleguide from within a project by clicking “Link to Styleguide” in the bottom left of the Styleguide tab.

☝️ You can only link your project to base styleguides and styleguides with the same platform type.

Linking a project from within a styleguide

You can link projects from your styleguide in the “About” tab.

☝️ You can link up to one styleguide per project. However, if that styleguide is a child styleguide for another styleguide, your project will also inherit resources from its parent styleguide(s).

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