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Adding an extension to a styleguide
Adding an extension to a styleguide

Learn how to manage extensions of a global styleguide

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Zeplin extensions are JavaScript modules that generate code snippets from various design elements. All the built-in code snippets currently in Zeplin are implemented as extensions, using the same infrastructure. Here is our blog post explaining the feature in detail:

How to add an extension to your styleguide?

You can explore all the extensions built by developers from the community and the Zeplin crew here:

To add one of those extensions to your projects, click on the “Add to Zeplin” button and select the styleguides you need the extension in.

☝️ Make sure that the extension is available for your styleguide type. You can access the supported project types from the extension's details page.

How to manage or remove extensions from your styleguide?

You can see the list of extensions in your styleguide under the “Extensions” window, from the right panel of your styleguide's About page.

From this window, you can change the preferences for each extension or enable/disable them:

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