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Building and publishing a Zeplin extension
Building and publishing a Zeplin extension

Learn how to build and publish a Zeplin extension

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Zeplin extensions are JavaScript modules that generate code snippets from various design elements. All of the code snippets you interact with in Zeplin are generated using extensions and they're curated at

All the way from a simple extension that counts the characters in a text layer for your copywriter, to a full-fledged extension that generates code snippets from layers, colors, text styles; extensions can examine pretty much all the data you see in Zeplin. In fact, all the built-in code snippets currently in Zeplin are implemented as extensions, using the same infrastructure. 

To learn more about the capabilities of extensions and how to get started creating your first Zeplin extension, check out the documentation. We’ve also prepared a tutorial to guide you through your first extension,

Here are the open source extensions which can help while building yours:

You can also explore all extensions built by the community and Zeplin here:

☝️ Ping us at if you have any questions—we'd love to hear what you're building!

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