You can now add a Status to projects in the Organization workspace.

Adding a status to a project

By default, all active projects will show a 'No Status' label when you hover over the project thumbnail.

To assign a Status to a project you've joined or been invited to, click on the 'No Status' label and select one of the default statuses or create your own to fit your workflow.

☝️ Keep in mind that only Organization members with an Editor role or higher can assign and customize Project Status at this time.

Customize your Project Status

You can hover over the project thumbnail, click on the 'No Status' label and select the 'Customize' button to edit or add unique status labels that match your workflow.

Press the 'Add' button in the dropdown, add some text, select a color and click on the 'Done' button when you're ready.

When you add a custom status, it will be available to all projects in the Organization as well.

Filter your projects by Status

You can now filter your projects by their assigned Status. By default, you can filter by: All, Discovery, Design, Development and No Status.

When you add new statuses, you will see them in the dropdown as a filter option as well. It will also show the number of projects associated with a given Status.

Deleting a Project Status

To delete a Status, click on the 'Customize' button and press the 'x' to remove it from the Status list.

Deleting a Status in use by other projects will also remove it from those projects and revert them back to a 'No Status' label.

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