Organizing screens with Tags

Learn how to organize and filter screens with Tags

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Tags in Zeplin provide a flexible way to organize and filter your screens according to your workflow preferences. You can use Tags in various ways, such as:

  • Grouping your screens based on statuses (i.e., To do, In progress, see the Using Tag Groups feature)

  • Grouping your screens based on common elements used in the designs ( i.e., Popups, Dialogs)

  • To assign screens to specific users

💁‍♀️ By adding multiple tags to screens, you can easily locate and filter the content you want to see.

Tagging screens

To tag screens, select the screens you would like to include from the project dashboard then right-click, and select the “Add a tag…” option. This will reveal the Tag manager, where you can either create a new tag or associate the screens with an existing tag.

☝️ After selecting a screen or multiple screens, you can use + T / Alt + T on the Web App/Windows app and ⌘ + T on the Mac app to open the Tag manager.\

Filtering screens based on tags

Clicking on a tag in the Dashboard will filter and display all screens associated with that tag, even if they exist in separate sections. You can also click on multiple tags to further refine your filtering. Additionally, when you hover over a tag, you'll see the number of screens tagged with it.

☝️ When a tag is active, reordering screens is not possible. You first need to disable the selected tag to reorder your screens.

As you scroll through the project dashboard, you’ll notice the “Tags” menu fixed on top for easy access to the tag filters.

Sharing tag links

You can easily share tag links with other members of the project. Select tag or tags and right-click to copy links.

Viewing and managing tags for a screen

You can see all tags added to a screen from the right panel when inspecting screens. These tags will be listed by frequency of use.

To open the Tag manager when you're on a screen, use ⌥ + T / Alt + T on the Web App/Windows app and ⌘ + T on the Mac App, or click the tag icon on the right panel. From there, you can add/remove tags from the screen.

When you’re on the project dashboard, you can right-click on a screen and select the “Manage tags…” option to reveal the Tag manager.

Tags of the screen are gathered on the first row, regardless of the tag groups, to help you manage them easily.

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