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Choosing a subscription plan
Choosing a subscription plan

Learn how subscriptions work in Zeplin

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Zeplin offers various subscription plan options that will fit your team’s needs. You can check out the Zeplin plans and pricing from our pricing page.

Free plan

The free plan is best for people just starting with Zeplin.

On the Free plan, you can have 1 project (max 100 screens) and 1 styleguide (max 100 components) for free, without a trial period. You can create a project, upload your designs, and invite unlimited members.

All invited project members will be able to access specs and code snippets, download assets, add comments, invite other members to the project or styleguide.

Besides these features, with Zeplin’s Summer Breeze release you can now access Zeplin’s most powerful features including:

  • Version Diff, for comparing precise screen versions

  • Annotations that all teammates have access to

  • Jira and Azure DevOps Integrations for real-time updates for development

  • VS Code sync for quick access to designs in your code editor

  • Approvals for more straightforward stakeholder review and alignment

☝️ On the Free plan, only the project owner can upload designs to their project and styleguide. You'll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans to give project members the ability to export.

Zeplin for Personal and Small Teams

The new Basic plans are ideal for individuals and small teams who need an affordable, low-commitment solution to solve design-to-dev collaboration challenges.

With our Basic plans, you can purchase a single project or a pack of multiple projects and get unlimited seats for each project. This gives you the flexibility to pay strictly for what you need at a small scale and grants access to each individual project separately to whoever needs it.

Basic plans ✨

There are 3 Basic plans that offer different numbers of projects: Basic, 1 Pack for 1 project; Basic, 3 Pack for 3 projects; and Basic, 6 Pack for 6 projects.

Basic plans include everything in the Free plan, plus unlocks:

  • Unlimited screens

  • Unlimited components

  • 1 year version history

💁‍♀️ Both the Free plan and Basic plans offer unlimited users per project.

You can learn all the features that the Basic plans offer in this article: Basic plans

Zeplin for Businesses and Organizations

The Team, Organization, and Enterprise plans offer the most feature-rich design delivery platform at the best per seat value, and it’s ideal for cross-functional product teams consistently shipping many related projects and products together. Zeplin helps your entire organization go from design to development faster and with higher quality by being a central hub for design to development workflows, with the assurance of advanced security (e.g. SSO, MFA, SCIM), priority support, cross-project workspace and user permission controls.

Team plan

The Team plan includes all features in Basic plans, plus 12 active projects, 12 active styleguides, and below:

  • Centralize workspace: It comes with a shared workspace where all members benefits from the same structured documentation. All members can access to workspace projects and styleguides, depending on their roles.

  • User permissions: More controls in place to manage your workspace members. You can define what resources your workspace members can access.

  • Project sections and statuses: You can gather your related projects under sections, assign them statuses, link any external resources like product briefs, Jira boards, Google Drive, Notion docs, Github repos, etc. to your sections.

You can learn more about the Team plan and prices here.

Organization plan

The Organization plan is geared towards larger teams. It includes everything in the Team plan, plus, offers unlimited projects and styleguides.

The base Organization plan comes with 12 seats. With advanced team management features and permissions, you can assign roles to designate who can create projects or styleguides, edit resources, manage billing, etc.

☝️ Even if you have less than 12 users who will need a seat, you will still be billed for 12 seats on the Organization plan — it’s not possible to pay for fewer seats.

To explore more about the Organization plan and it’s pricing, you can check this article here.

Enterprise plan

The Enterprise plan comes with everything in the Organization plan plus the following additional features:

  • Enterprise-grade security with SAML SSO, MFA, SCIM

  • Unlimited Flows and Boards

  • Enterprise Service Level Agreement

  • Custom Agreement on Zeplin Paper

  • Priority support, with 24 hour SLA and CSM training and enablement

  • Activity logs

We’d love to hear more about your workflows and share more about our Enterprise plan — feel free to get in touch with our sales team.

Terms in Zeplin

What is a project?

A project is a collection of screens for a specific platform (iOS, Android, Web, and macOS).

Each plan has different screen limits; you can learn more about this here.

What is a styleguide?

A styleguide is a collection of colors, text styles, spacing tokens, and components for a specific platform. Each plan has a different limit on active styleguides; you can learn more about this here.

You can also check this collection for more details about the styleguides.

What does it mean to archive a project or styleguide?

If you are no longer working on a project or styleguide but would like to access it at a later time, you can archive it.

Who can use this feature?

Team, Organization, or Enterprise plans

  • Only members with an Editor or higher role.

Archiving prevents any member from accessing the project or styleguide— this means the specs, code snippets, project, styleguide, and notes will not be available to anyone.

Archived projects and styleguides do not count against your plan’s limit. They are stored securely on the cloud, and you can archive as many projects/styleguides as you’d like. You can learn more from the following articles:

What is the difference between deleting and archiving?

If you no longer want access to a project or styleguide, you can delete it. This will permanently delete them from our system. However, since archived projects are still stored in the cloud, you can reactivate them later on when you need those projects again. You can learn how to delete your projects/styleguides from these articles permanently:

What if I need more projects? Can I upgrade at any time?

Sure! You can upgrade your plan at any time. When you upgrade, the change goes into effect immediately, and you will be billed for a prorated amount for the new plan.

Which payment methods does Zeplin accept?

A credit card is required to purchase a subscription. ACH/wire transfer payments or invoicing is only available for the Enterprise plan.

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