Zeplin has a few subscription options to choose from that will fit your team's needs. Some common questions with these are:

How do the different plans work?

Free plan

On the Free plan, your account can own 1 project and 3 styleguides for free, without a trial period. You can upload designs, invite teammates and collaborate.

All invited teammates will be able to view specs/code snippets, download assets, add notes and invite other teammates to the project and styleguide as well.

☝️Only owners can upload designs to their projects and styleguides on the Free plan.

Starter and Growing Business plans

When you purchase a Starter or Growing Business plan subscription on your account, you can create more projects, own up to 12 styleguides, upload more screen versions and an unlimited number of components per project.

Invited teammates in projects will be able to upload designs, add notes, download assets or view specs/code snippets with their free Zeplin accounts.

Organization plan

The Organization plan is geared towards larger teams— it includes unlimited projects, styleguides, screen versions, components and advanced team management features/permissions. You can assign roles to designate who can create projects/styleguides, edit resources, manage billing, etc. Organization members can also join any organization project or styleguide without needing an invitation.

To learn more, visit https://zeplin.io/organization-plan.

What is an active project?

A project is a collection of screens (artboards) for a specific platform. There’s no limit on the number of screens you can have in your project. Depending on your plan, you have different screen version limitations. 

Your project is considered active unless you archive or delete it manually.

What is an active styleguide?

A styleguide is a collection of colors, text styles, and components for a specific platform. Depending on your plan, you have different number of styleguide limitations.

Your styleguide is considered active unless you archive or delete it manually.

What does it mean to archive a project or styleguide?

If you are no longer working on a project or styleguide, but would like to access it at a later time, you can archive it. Archiving prevents any member from accessing the project or styleguide— this means the specs, code snippets, project, styleguide and notes will not be available to anyone.

Archived projects and styleguides do not count against your project limit.

☝️️Only project owners and admins on a paid plan (ex. Starter, Growing Business, or Organization) can re-activate archived projects and styleguides.  

What is the difference between deleting and archiving a project 

or styleguide?

If you no longer want access to a project or styleguide, you can delete it. This will permanently delete them from our system.

☝️️Archiving is only available to paid subscribers. Only project/styleguide owners have delete privileges.

What if I need more projects—can I upgrade at any time?

You can upgrade your plan at any time. When you upgrade, it goes into effect immediately and you will be billed a prorated amount for the new plan. 

Prorating means we calculate the amount of time you have left in your current billing cycle and use the money you paid in your initial plan towards your new plan. This way, your billing cycle does not change and we credit the amount you had originally paid.

Which payment methods does Zeplin accept?

A credit card is required to purchase a subscription. ACH/wire transfer payments are only available to teams that purchase the annual Organization plan with 100+ users.

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