Zeplin has a few subscription options to choose from that will fit your team's needs. Here are some common questions:

How do the different plans work?

Free plan

On the Free plan, your account can have 1 project and 4 styleguides for free, without a trial period. You can create new projects, upload designs, and invite your collaborators up to 5.

All invited teammates will be able to view specs/code snippets, download assets, add notes, and invite other teammates to the project and styleguide as well.

☝️ On the Free plan, only the project owner can upload designs to their project and styleguide. To give project collaborators the ability to export, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Team plan

The Team plan includes 12 active projects and 12 active styleguides. You can export unlimited screen versions and components.

All the team members added as a paid seat can access the technical resources and edit designs.

The pricing is based on the number of users that need a paid seat. In other words, you will need to purchase a seat for any user on your team, such as designers and developers, who need access to exporting designs, technical specs, code snippets, and assets.

If there are users that only need to view projects (and not export designs or specs),

they can be added as a Reviewer, which is free of charge.

Organization plan

The Organization plan is geared towards larger teams. It includes everything in the Team plan plus; unlimited projects and styleguides.

☝️ Even if you have less than 12 users, you will still be billed for 12 users on the Organization plan — it’s sadly not possible to pay for fewer than 12 users.

The base plan, or minimum required seats, for the Organization plan starts at 12 users. With advanced team management features/permissions, you can assign roles to designate who can create projects/styleguides, edit resources, manage billing, etc.

To learn more about the Organization plan and see its pricing, visit https://zeplin.io/organization-plan.

What is a project?

A project is a collection of screens (artboards) for a specific platform.

There’s no limit on the number of screens you can have in your project. However, for the best performance, we recommend exporting less than 150 to 200 screens per project.

What is a styleguide?

A styleguide is a collection of colors, text styles, spacing tokens and components for a specific platform. Each plan has a different limit on active styleguides, you can learn more about this here: https://support.zeplin.io/en/articles/3019409-styleguide-limits-by-plan

What does it mean to archive a project or styleguide?

If you are no longer working on a project or styleguide, but would like to access it at a later time, you can archive it.

The ability to archive projects or styleguides comes with the paid plans. You can archive or activate a project if you have an Editor role or up in the workspace.

☝️️ If you’re on the Free plan, you will not be able to activate or archive projects.

Archiving prevents any member from accessing the project or styleguide— this means the specs, code snippets, project, styleguide and notes will not be available to anyone.

Archived projects and styleguides do not count against your plan’s limit. They are stored securely on the cloud and you can archive as many projects/styleguides as you’d like.

What is the difference between deleting and archiving?

If you no longer want access to a project or styleguide, you can delete it. This will permanently delete them from our system. However, since archived projects are still stored in the cloud, you can reactivate them later on when you need those projects again.

☝️️ Archiving is only available in paid plans. Only the users with an Editor role or up have delete privileges.

What if I need more projects—can I upgrade at any time?

You can upgrade your plan at any time. When you upgrade, the change goes into effect immediately and you will be billed for a prorated amount for the new plan.

Which payment methods does Zeplin accept?

A credit card is required to purchase a subscription. ACH/wire transfer payments or invoicing is only available for the Enterprise plan.

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