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Basic plans

Learn more about the features and the pricing of the Basic plans

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The per-project Basic plans give you the flexibility to pay strictly for what you need at a small scale and grant access to each individual project separately to whoever needs it.

You can purchase a single project (Basic, 1 pack) or a pack of multiple projects (Basic, 3 pack or Basic, 6 pack) and get unlimited seats for each project. All these plans offer the same features; the only difference is the number of projects you can have.

Basic plans offer:


The Basic plan’s pricing is project-based. You can find the packages and prices in the table below. You can also compare all our plans and prices on our pricing page.

Plan name

# of Projects



Basic, 1 pack


$13.75/mo — 1 month off


Basic, 3 pack


$35.75/mo — 1 month off


Basic, 6 pack


$63.25/mo — 1 month off


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