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The Zeplin Organization Plan is an upgraded version of the Team Plan, tailored for larger teams that require advanced collaboration and management features. This plan is ideal for organizations needing more control and oversight of their design projects, offering enhanced team management capabilities. The Organization Plan ensures seamless coordination across multiple teams and projects, providing a comprehensive solution for company-level design and development workflows.

It offers:

Here's a short demo video to give you an idea:

Organization Workspace

When you switch to the Organization plan, your team will get their own workspace. This means the workspace members can join any organization project by using a link or just browsing without needing to be invited. This really speeds up collaboration by cutting down several steps at once, and makes the setup phase easier and faster.

Within the workspace, you can create sections to group related projects and consolidate and organize all your project-related resources under one roof—can also add descriptions, global syleguides, and links to sections. You can also add a Status to your projects in the workspace so that all workspace members can easily track progress on projects. These features bring structure to your design workspace, making it easier for the team to understand the designs. Check out our blog post for more details.

Managing Workspace Members

All organization members are listed and grouped on the Workspace Members page. There, you can easily manage and remove members from the workspace and assign them different roles to define who can create projects, edit resources, invite/remove members, and so on. You can learn more about the roles here.

You can add members to your organization workspace as restricted members. Restricted organization members can only access the projects and styleguides that they have been invited to view.

You can group the members in your workspace from the Workspace Members page by using tags. You can tag them based on their location, roles, and etc. Using the tags you’ve created, you can filter the member list to a specific group and also invite groups to your projects with one click. Learn more here.


The Organization plan's pricing is seat-based. A seat is required to publish designs, access technical specs, and download assets. Viewing a project and reading/adding notes does not require a seat. The Organization plan comes with a minimum of 12 seats and the price remains the same up to 12 seats.

Please review our FAQ about the Organization plan subscription article to learn more.

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