You can add members to your organization from the “Organization Dashboard” screen.

When you first create an organization, you will be the only member. Click on “Quickly add existing project members” button on your organization dashboard  to start.

Make sure to invite both your developers and designers, so that their access to projects is not interrupted. If you’re just creating the organization, you can simply add a director/lead who will decide who to invite.

When you add members your credit card will be charged based on the number you added.


Project members who are not invited to the organization yet are listed under the Aliens list.

This is the easiest way to add your existing designers and developers on Zeplin to the organization.

You can drag to select multiple Aliens at once and add them by clicking on the “Add to Organization” button.

You can directly remove an “Alien” from all organization projects from this list.

New members

If you created the organization from scratch, there won’t be any Aliens in your dashboard. In this case, you can directly use the “Invite” button.

☝️Only those on the Organization plan will have an Organization dashboard. If you're on a different plan, you can learn how to invite collaborators to your project here: Adding a teammate to a project

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