When you upgrade your account to the Organization plan, you will be the only member as the Owner. The existing project members will be also listed on the Workspace Members page. Zeplin will assign them as Reviewers with restricted access automatically. This means they’ll be only accessing the projects and styleguides that they have been invited to until you update their roles and access levels.

Organization members can have four different roles: Admin, Editor, Member, and Reviewer (Free of charge). You can learn more about roles and how to manage organization members here: https://support.zeplin.io/en/articles/387773-assigning-roles-to-organization-members

New members

If you created the organization from scratch, you will be the only member in your member list. In this case, you can directly use the “Invite Member” button.

Make sure to first invite your directors/leads who will decide who to invite, your developers, designers, PMs, and so on. You can assign roles and set their access level while inviting them.

When you add more members than the seat number you subscribed for, your credit card will be charged based on the number you added. You can see your upcoming invoices from your organization's billing page.

☝️ If you invite someone who doesn’t have a Zeplin account yet, they need to register to Zeplin by using the “Get Started” link in the invitation email to access your organization.

The base seat number for the Organization plan is 12. If you subscribed through the Zeplin pricing page or upgraded your personal plan, you’re most probably using the base Organization plan. You can visit your billing page to learn more about your subscription.

☝️ Only those on the Organization plan will have a Workspace Members page. If you're on a different plan, you can learn how to invite collaborators to your project here: Adding a user to a project

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