Members with the Owner or Admin role can access the organization's billing information

Click the settings button on your Workspace Members page and head to the Billing tab. There, you can add remove seats from your organization.

☝️ The base fee includes 12 seats. You'll see the “Remove seats” button if you have more seats more than the base.

You can remove seats after you remove users from your member list. When you remove seats, it’ll take effect on your next renewal date. You’ll see a pending change that lists the number of seats you’ll have and the amount you’ll pay at the renewal date.

If you want to change the number of seats you want to remove, you can do so from the Billing tab. Your pending change will be updated immediately.

Managing pending seat changes

You can cancel a pending seat change anytime you want and go back to using the seat number you had previously.

☝️ If you decide to invite a new Admin, Editor, or Developer, your pending seat change will be canceled automatically.

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