Removing workspace members

Learn how to remove members from your workspace

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If you have the Owner or Admin role in the workspace, you can remove workspace members from the Workspace Members page. Click on your profile image on the right top of the app and select your workspace to go to the Workspace Members page.

To remove a member, select the member (or drag to select multiple members) then click the “Remove” button up top.

When you remove a member, any content that they created (projects, screens, sections, notes, and so on) will remain in the workspace.

If you removed a member with a paid seat, you can invite someone else to replace them without being billed again.

☝️ Removing workspace members does not decrease the number of seats you are subscribed for. You can remove the seats from the Billing page of your workspace. Check this article for more details.

If you’d like to remove a restricted workspace member only from some projects, you can learn how to remove project members here.

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