Removing seats from your workspace

Learn how to remove seats from your Team or Organization plan workspace

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On the Team and Organization plans, the pricing is based on the number of seats that you’re subscribed for. Seats are required for teammates added to your workspace with Admin, Editor, or Developer roles. If you find that you have more seats than you need, you can remove seats from your workspace.

Removing seats from the Billing page of your workspace

Only members with the Owner or Admin roles can access the Billing page of their workspace and remove seats.

Click the profile icon on the top and select your workspace.

Then, click the “Settings” button on the top right of your Workspace Members page.

From there, you can select the Billing tab and remove seats by clicking “Remove seats” button.

Keep in mind that you can only remove unassigned seats. If you’re using all the seats you subscribed for, you’ll need to remove users first or update their role to Reviewer in order to remove seats.

☝️ The Organization plan comes with a minimum of 12 seats. If you’re on the Organization plan, you'll see the“Remove seats” button only if you have more than 12 seats.

When you remove seats, it’ll take effect on your next renewal date. You’ll see a pending change that lists the number of seats you’ll have and the amount you’ll pay for the next renewal. Zeplin does not offer refunds for seats removed within a billing period.

If you want to update the number of seats that will be removed, you can do so from the Billing tab. Your pending change will be updated immediately.

Managing pending seat changes

You can cancel a pending seat change anytime to continue using your subscription with the same seat number.

If a new Admin, Editor, or Developer is added to your workspace, your pending seat change will be canceled automatically. You can manage who can add members with paid roles from the “Workspace” tab. Check out this article for more details.

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