Upgrading your subscription

Learn how to upgrade to the Team and Organization plans

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If you are looking for a plan with more projects or advanced features, you can upgrade your subscription anytime.

To upgrade your plan from the Free plan to a paid plan, you can navigate to the Billing page of your profile on the Web app and click the “Upgrade Plan” button.

Then, you’ll see the current plans and features that the plans offer on the plan selection window.

If you are on a deprecated personal plan like the Starter or Growing Business plan, you'll see the "Change Plan" button on your Billing page to upgrade your subscription to one of Zeplin's current plans.

If you are on the Team plan, you'll need to go to the Billing page of your workspace to upgrade to the Organization plan.

When you upgrade your subscription, the change goes into effect immediately.

If you are already subscribed to a paid plan, you will be billed a prorated amount for the difference between your previous and current plans. You can learn more about how Zeplin handles prorated invoices here.

Accessing your new workspace

On Zeplin, all users start out with a personal workspace. When you upgrade to a paid subscription, you get an additional workspace. You can access your team workspace by using the dropdown button at the top of your screen:

Transferring your projects and members between workspaces

Any projects that you own in your personal workspace will be transferred automatically over to your new workspace. You can also move projects between your workspaces anytime by following the details here.

Whenever a project is transferred into a new workspace, users who are members of the project but not members of the workspace will be added to the workspace with the “Reviewer” role and can only have access to the same projects that they belonged to. You can change their access levels from your Workspace Members page by following the details here.

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