Changing your subscription’s billing cycle

Learn how to change your subscription’s billing cycle, i.e. monthly to annual

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Zeplin offers monthly and annual billing periods for subscriptions. Those with the monthly plans are charged each month based on their monthly billing cycle. The annual plans are discounted because of the commitment, and annual subscribers pay for the entire year upfront.

You can change your billing cycle anytime you want by going to your workspace’s Billing page, and then clicking on “Change plan”.

In the plan selection window, select “Monthly” or “Annually” and click on “Change period”.

When you change your subscription's billing cycle (e.g., monthly plan to annual plan), the update goes into effect immediately, and the start date for your billing cycle will update to the date of when you made this change. Zeplin will calculate the amount of time left in your previous billing cycle, and this amount will be deducted from the new plan's payment. This way, you'll be only billed for the prorated amount.

If there's still a remaining amount from your previous billing cycle after the proration, it'll be credited to your workspace balance to be used for your future payments. Zeplin does not offer refunds for credits due to terms.

If you make no changes to your billing cycle while updating your subscription (e.g., monthly Organization plan to monthly Team plan), your renewal date will stay the same.

Making changes to a deprecated Starter or Growing Business plan

Zeplin no longer supports the Starter or Growing Business plans. Since these plans are now deprecated, it’s no longer possible to change the billing cycle by staying on the same plans. But, you can always upgrade your plan to a current plan from your profile, Billing page.

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