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Accessing workspace profile and billing information
Accessing workspace profile and billing information

Learn how to access your workspace profile, billing information and update them

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Members with an Owner or Admin role can access and edit their workspace profile, workspace settings, and billing information.


Click the profile icon on the top and select your workspace.

From the Workspace Members page, you can click the "Settings" button on the top right to access the workspace profile.

From the Workspace tab, you can rename your workspace and change the workspace avatar. To change it, hover over the profile icon and click on the “Update” button.

Workspace settings

On the same tab, under the Workspace settings section, you can manage who can add a member with a paid role or change a member's role from free to paid.

Billing Information

Click the “Billing” tab to access your workspace subscription information, like the number of paid seats left, the credit balance on your account, and the next renewal date.

You can also update the billing email, invoice details, and credit card information while browsing your previous invoices.

Can't access workspace due to being suspended

This issue might be related to your workspace being frozen due to failed payments. On the annual plans, if there is a failed payment due to extra seats added within the billing cycle, the subscription is automatically frozen after five failed attempts within 14 days.

You see a banner that says, “Due to a failed payment, your workspace has been suspended. Please update the payment information to re-activate the workspace.”.

In order to activate your workspace, you need to complete the payment. You can update your credit card information from your Billing page.

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