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Learn how to downgrade your Organization plan to the Team plan

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If you have more projects than you need or do not need all of the advanced team management features, you can downgrade your subscription of the Organization plan to a Team plan.

To downgrade your subscription, go to your Organization billing page on the web app, then select “Change plan” to see a selection of Zeplin’s subscription plans.

In the plan selection window, click the “Downgrade to Team Plan” button to change your plan to the Team plan.

Changes to Billing

After you downgrade your subscription, the change will go into effect immediately. The prorated amount of the remaining time in your Organization plan will be calculated and added to your account as a credit toward your future invoices. You can learn more about Zeplin handles prorated invoices here.

If you also change your plan’s billing cycle (e.g., monthly plan to annual plan), the start date for your billing cycle will update to the date of when you made this change.

Changes to projects

Since the Team plan comes with a limited number of project slots, downgrading your subscription will affect the number of active projects you can own. When you downgrade your plan and own more projects than the limit on your new plan, Zeplin will automatically archive any excess projects based on the activity date.

Archived projects are stored securely in the cloud and you can reactivate them anytime when you have enough project slots again. You can learn more about activating archive projects here.

Changes to member roles

If you downgrade to the Team plan, all your projects and styleguides as well as member roles will transfer along to your new team workspace. However, you will no longer be able to access some of the advanced member permissions (ex. tags). Since the Developer role is not available in the Team plan, the roles of any Developers in your workspace be changed to Editor.

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