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Learn how to cancel your subscription

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You can cancel your subscription anytime and continue using Zeplin’s Free plan.

When you set the subscription to be canceled, it will be canceled at the end of your current billing period. After cancellation, your projects under the Team/Org workspace will be archived. For example, if you’re on the annual plan with six more months left in the billing cycle, your plan will cancel in half a year.

You can continue using Zeplin on the Free plan on your personal workspace. You can resubscribe to a paid plan to reactivate your projects under the canceled Team/Organization Workspace. Your archived projects will be stored in the cloud until you reactivate your canceled workspace.

☝️ Zeplin doesn’t offer refunds for canceling subscriptions per section 7. Payments and Subscription in our Terms. You can continue using your subscription until the end of your billing cycle.

Canceling Team plan or Organization plan

To cancel your Team or Organization subscription plan, go to the Workspace Members page of your workspace, click the settings button on the top right to access the Billing page, then select “Change plan.”

In the plan selection window, choose your billing cycle and click the “Cancel plan” button under your plan.

☝️ For security reasons, only members with an Owner or Admin role can access the workspace settings page and cancel the subscription.

Before your plan is canceled, you can transfer any projects you may need to access later on to a personal workspace. The Free plan allows having one active project in the Personal Workspace.

Canceling a deprecated Starter or Growing Business plan

If you’re currently subscribed to one of Zeplin’s deprecated plans, such as Starter or Growing Business, you can cancel it from the billing tab in your profile: You’ll see a blue banner with the cancel link.

☝️ Once you cancel your subscription of a deprecated plan, it will not be possible to resubscribe to these same plans.

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