Enabling local configuration

Learn how to run Connected Components locally

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Before you publish and share changes on your configuration file to Zeplin, you can run Connected Components locally to test your changes.

☝️ If you have not created a Connected Components configuration file yet, you will need to first connect your components.

Enabling Local Configuration

Once you have a Zeplin configuration file in your repository, run the Zeplin CLI command Zeplin connect to make connected components visible in Zeplin.

Next, run the command zeplin connect --dev to see results locally.

Finally, to see the output in the macOS app or the Web app, head back to Zeplin and enable local configuration by pressing “Command/Ctrl + Option/Alt + L.”

To see the output in the macOS app or the Web app, enable local configuration by pressing Command + Option/Alt + L.

☝️ Alternatively, in the desktop apps, you can select “Developer > Connected Components > Enable Local Configuration” from the menu up top.

Reviewing and publishing changes

Now that you’ve enabled local configuration for Connected Components, you can select one of the components to review. Whenever you change the configuration file (or the component itself), click on “Reload” to see the changes on Zeplin.

When you're ready to publish the changes to everyone on your team, run the CLI command without the flag:

zeplin connect

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