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Fixing connectivity issues
Fixing connectivity issues

Learn how you can fix connectivity issues related to your network settings

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To avoid any connectivity issues to Zeplin from your network, make sure that all domains are allowlisted: -> main domain -> Zeplin's Web app -> Zeplin's main API -> Zeplin's image scaling and optimizing service -> Zeplin's public sharing Web app -> Zeplin's public sharing API → Zeplin’s real time (socket) authentication service -> Zeplin’s real time (socket) service -> Zeplin's extension service -> Zeplin's Windows app and extension distribution service -> Zeplin's content delivery network -> Zeplin's email service -> Zeplin's short link service -> Zeplin's image upload service -> Zeplin's macOS app distribution service -> Zeplin's macOS app distribution service
* -> Zeplin's macOS app distribution service -> Zeplin's A/B testing service

For real-time (socket) connectivity issues, make sure that the HTTPS port is open.

You can test your connection using the following diagnostic tool:

Allowlisting IP Addresses

Allowlisting IP addresses can be problematic since Zeplin actually does not use static IPs and shared IPs may change without notice.

However, if your system only works with IPs, you can try allowlisting AWS's IP ranges for Zeplin: us-west-1 and us-west-2, and us-east-1 regions.

You can find more details and a JSON list of AWS’s IP ranges here:

Keywords: allow list, block list, whitelist, white list

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