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Changing units
Changing units

Learn why measurement units in Zeplin are different than the ones in your designs

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Zeplin generates resources like specs, assets, and code snippets based on your project type (iOS, Android, Web and macOS) and density. For that reason, Zeplin automatically convert units depending on your selected project type and density.

☝️ It’s not possible to change the units later on since these resources are generated before the designs are published to Zeplin.

Converting Units

Zeplin will convert the units of measurement if the units in your design are different than the ones required by the platform selected for your project.

  • For iOS and macOS projects, measurements are in pt.

  • For Android projects, measurements are in dp.

  • For Web projects, measurements are in px.

Converting Values

Zeplin will convert the value of your measurements based on your project density.

Your project density is calculated using the project type (target platform/device) you're working on and the original dimensions of your design. For example, if you are working on a 640×1136px iOS design (which is 2x), a 20px measurement will be displayed as 10pt since developers use 1x values while coding.

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