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Re-exporting frames and components with one click from Figma into Zeplin
Re-exporting frames and components with one click from Figma into Zeplin

Learn more about re-exporting your frames and components in Figma with one click into Zeplin

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With the re-export option on the Figma plugin, you can export your Figma designs with one click to the Zeplin project or styleguide they were previously exported to.

When you are publishing your designs from Figma for the first time, the plugin will only show the “Export” and “Export Styles” buttons.

Once you export your designs to a project or styleguide, the plugin will remember this. When you want to publish again from the same design file, the plugin will show the “Re-export to” option to automatically publish your designs to the same project or styleguide.

If you enable this re-export option, you can directly export the frames/components to the project or styleguide you previously exported. You will also see the name of the project/styleguide to which you previously exported your designs in the plugin.

Disabling the re-export option on the Figma plugin

To select another project or styleguide, you can easily disable the re-export option by turning off the switch at the bottom of the plugin.

Clearing the Re-export history on the Figma plugin

If you want a fresh start and don't want the plugin to remember the export history anymore, choose the frames and components you want to clear, go to the plugin settings and click the “Clear” button near the "Re-export history".

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