With the Figma Sync feature, you can export your Figma designs with one-click to the Zeplin project or styleguide they were previously exported to.

When you first open a design file, a regular export button displays on the plugin.

After clicking the “Export” button and selecting the project or styleguide you want to export, the plugin will remember the project or the styleguide previously exported to and show you the “Sync selected” button next time.

You can click on the “Sync selected” button to export the frames/components to the project or styleguide you exported to before. Below the button, you will see the name of the projects and the styleguides you previously exported your designs to in the plugin.

☝️ It's not possible to sync the local colors and text styles. To export them, you need to disable the sync feature first and export any frame or component in your design file.

Disabling the sync feature on Figma Plugin

To select another project or styleguide, you can easily disable the sync feature by turning off the switch at the bottom of the plugin:

​​If you turn on the sync feature again, the plugin will allow you to keep sync your frames and components by remembering previous exports.


​​​☝️​ Turning off the sync feature doesn’t affect already exported frames and components. Zeplin will keep them in your projects/styleguides.

Clearing Sync History on Figma Plugin

If you want a fresh start and don’t want to keep syncing your designs anymore, choose the frames and components you want to clear, click on the “…” button and select the “Clear” button from the menu.

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