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Figma Plugin Troubleshooting Guide
Figma Plugin Troubleshooting Guide
Learn how to troubleshoot common Figma plugin issues
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Learn how to fix common Figma plugin issues:

Figma plugin still asks to log in after connecting Zeplin account

When you successfully log in to the Figma plugin with a verified account, it will ask you to “Select frames or components to export to Zeplin.”

If you're still seeing the “Connect Zeplin account” button, make sure the email address of your Zeplin account has been verified. Then, try to log in to the plugin again.

Unable to export certain frames from Figma

Check if there's an issue with your connection or the frame is very large (or has complex layers). Try copying the frame into a brand new Figma file or try simplifying the frame.

If the error message persists, you can contact us at with full details and we'll investigate it.

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