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Learn how Zeplin automatically exports assets from certain layers in your designs

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🧪 This is an experimental feature we’re currently iterating on, let us know if you have any suggestions!

Zeplin exports assets from layers in your design file, like icons and photos. Assets are optimized image files in specific formats and scales based on your project type. In order for Zeplin to export assets from a layer, it needs to be marked for export within the design file.

Designers often forget to mark a layer for export and it causes a lot of back and forth within the team. We hear you and we’re now working toward a solution!

How does it work?

Zeplin now auto-exports assets from layers that conform to certain patterns. In Zeplin, you’ll notice the experimental icon (🧪) when you select an asset that’s been auto-exported.



Layers with names starting with icon, icn, ic, ico


Sketch: WIP

Adobe XD: WIP

Components that only contain shapes, like icons


Sketch: WIP

Adobe XD: WIP

☝️The pattern for the layers with names starting with icon, icn, ic, ico is case-sensitive.

We barely got started and will keep on adding support for more patterns and design tools in the following months.

Help us shape this feature

If you have any suggestions on patterns we currently use or patterns we could add in the future, we’d love to learn more. Reach out to us using the chat bubble below!

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