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Getting started with Layout Specs
Getting started with Layout Specs

Learn how to see Auto Layout specs and Constraints in your designs

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Layout Specs allow you to see Auto Layout and Constraints in your designs—helping you to understand how a layer should behave according to its parent (referred to as “container” by developers) or children (or “item” to developers).

Designers save a lot of time by using Auto Layout and Constraints, they set up parent-child relationships between layers with custom distribution, spacing, and resizing configurations. Layout Specs in Zeplin delivers this information to developers through the canvas, the right panel, and the code snippets.

Publish designs with Layout Specs

When you set up Layout Specs on Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD and publish your designs to Zeplin, you will be able to directly inspect them. Layout Specs in Zeplin currently supports:

  • Constraints and Resizing settings on Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD

  • Auto-layout specs on Figma

  • Content-Aware Layout specs on Adobe XD

☝️ If your screens were published prior to when Zeplin started supporting Layout Specs (June 2021), you will need to re-publish your designs to Zeplin first in order to enable Layout Specs.

If you have any questions or suggestions for Layout Specs, reach out to us from the chat bubble below—we’re happy to help!

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