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Fixing "Your session has expired" issue
Fixing "Your session has expired" issue

Learn how to fix the “Your session has expired” issue

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This issue might be related to multiple logins to your Zeplin account. Zeplin limits the number of sessions that can be concurrently signed in to the same account. We’ve made this change to ensure compliance with our account sharing policies in our Terms of Service. When more than 5 sessions are concurrently signed in, the oldest signed-in session will be automatically logged out. To reactivate the session, you’ll need to sign in again.

If this is not the case, this might also be related to your session information that is expired. Clearing the app cache should fix the issue.

Windows app

If you’re running on the Windows app, you can clear the app cache from the “Help > Reset Zeplin” menu up top, then relaunch the Windows app.

If this does not work for you, you can follow the steps below:

  • Uninstall the Zeplin Windows app

  • Press Win+R

  • Type %APPDATA%\Zeplin

  • Press enter

  • Delete the folder named Zeplin in the revealed Explorer window

  • Reinstall the Zeplin Windows app via

Mac app

To clear the Zeplin Mac app cache:

  • Log out using the profile menu on the top

  • Quit the Zeplin Mac app

  • Open Finder and select "Go > Go to Folder..." from the menu up top

  • Type ~/Library/Caches and click Go

  • Delete the folder named io.zeplin.osx in the revealed finder window.

After clearing the app cache, give it another try. If the issue happens again, you can contact us at

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